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Community Programs

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Annual Multi-Cultural

Black History Program

(February 28th) 

Our annual Black History event honors prominent and undiscovered historical figures through reenactment, music, dance, fashion, poetry, and other honorary tributes. It's an all-inclusive community production funded, produced, and delivered through the talents of our community members and affiliates. 

This donation-only event has averaged 25 participants of various ages, starting at four years old to elderly adults. As well, the event sometimes features nationally known performers such as Tony Exum Jr., "The Reminders", Chanel, and the Gospel group, "Trin-I-Tee 5:7".  

Since 2016, the Black History program has become an eagerly anticipated event, richly attended. Proceeds from the event are utilized throughout the year to fund other fellowship communions such as field trips for our youth and community outreach endeavors. 

If you're interested in volunteering to help produce this honorary event, wish to donate, or enroll your children, please apply now. 

K-Land Community Cares

COVID-19 Study Point 

The pandemic has imposed restrictions on our youth, making it harder than ever for children to keep up with their studies. Our tutoring program offers English, Reading, Math, and Science study sessions for k-12 students through virtual and in-person learning. 

Our teachers are certified volunteers from various local school districts and retirees of comparative backgrounds. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with alternating Saturdays and Sundays. Please click here to view our tutoring schedule and to sign up. 

Those interested in attending must sign-up up at least five days before the next scheduled class. 

Program Alumni Game.jpg

Annual Alumni High School

Basketball Game 

(May - August)

Each Summer, One Body Ent. hosts an alumni rivalry basketball game to engender the fun tradition and honor some of Colorado Springs' longest-standing high schools. 

Proceeds are donated to all participating learning institutions, including Sierra, Harrison, Wasson, Mitchell, Doherty, and Palmer High Schools and athletic programs. Players who wish to compete must be graduates of the schools above and purchase their jersey, ranging from $12 - $20, depending on the size. 

Participants must sign up at least 30 days before the game and purchase their jersey as soon as possible after that. The actual location for each game alternates annually. One Body Ent. will announce locations, specific dates, and times for each game via email and all social media channels at least two weeks prior.

Raising Queens

With A Mission 

Our Raising Queens with a Mission program is an empowering mentee and mentor group designed for girls and young women aged 4-21. Participants are encouraged to live our values derived from SELF-RESPECT, LOVE, ESTEEM, and POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.  


The group meets throughout each month for fellowship ("Queen's Corner") and classes that teach life skills, proper etiquette, virtuous conduct, self-worth, best hygiene practices, leadership, and communication skills. 


If you're interested in participating as a mentor or signing your child us as a mentee, please complete the application below. 

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Southside / K-Land 

4th of July BBQ

(July 4)

Each year, One Body Ent. hosts a festive 4th of July BBQ at John Adams Park in beautiful Colorado Springs. Entry is free for all current and former K-Land "Southside" residents. Local business owners are welcome to purchase vendor booths for the duration.


Food and drinks are also entirely free of charge. Guests may also enjoy a live D.J., games, face painting, and other fun activities. The event concludes with a fantastic view of the city's fireworks show. Our annual 4th of July event has fed over 3000 people since 2014. 

Back to School 

Backpack Give-A-Way!

In collaboration with Ebenezer Baptist Church and International Salon and Spa Academy, one Body Ent hosts a yearly back-to-school event and backpack giveaway for all students and guardians. Free backpacks loaded with school supplies are provided to all K-12 students and free haircuts from volunteer barbers and stylists.


Snacks, refreshments, music, and games are also available to all attendees. This event is a helpful way to give back to our community and to assist parents and guardians with the costs of their children's school needs. 

Breast Cancer Awareness.jpg

Think Pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness Celebration

"Think Pink!" is a donation-based event that honors three breast cancer survivors and provides resources and information to spread awareness. The program was inspired by Will Starks, a board member whose mother in law passed away from breast cancer. Honorees are bestowed survivor plaques in her honor. 

During the ceremony, the local community members' talents are showcased for fun and entertainment and averages 10-15 participants of various ages.  Past events have attracted national celebrities who are survivors of breast cancer or otherwise affected. 

COVID - 19 Relief

Food Pantry Program 

In partnership with Celestine Logistics LTD, one Body Ent has teamed up to help support families who have been directly impacted by the national disaster. We provide community members with groceries, toiletries, gas cards, gift cards, bill payment assistance, diapers, baby items, and other resources and necessities. 

Food Pantry Covid Relief.jpg
Snacks by Two Two program.jpg

Snack by

Two Two!

DeAndrea Smith, aka "Two Two," is a mentee of Raising Queens With a Mission and child CEO of Snacks by Two Two. Though a separate LLC under the OneBodyEnt/K-Land Community Cares umbrella, Snack by Two Two hosts outings for children aged 5-14 years. The program is a vehicle to help kids learn discipline, accountability, the importance of using money responsibly, and giving back to the community. 

Change and Make a Difference!

Drug Awareness Program 

This program encourages kids and adults to live alcohol, drug, and crime-free lifestyles by providing support, education, and resources. We also expose attendees to the testimonies of real-life persons who have overcome the pitfalls of drug/alcohol abuse, criminal behavior, and incarceration to support those with current struggles and temptations. 


Colorado Springs

Juneteenth Festival 

June 18th - 20th 

Together with iHeart Radio, this three-day event is a celebration for people of all races, nationalities, and religions coming together to truthfully acknowledge a period in our history that shaped and continues to influence our society today. 


Besides booths and exhibits comprised of small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and community-based organizations, we provide live entertainment with local and nationally known artists. Juneteenth serves to uplift and showcase organizations under the common goal of positive empowerment for everyone in the community despite our difference.  

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Heroes Program2.jpg

History of Colorado: 

Honoring Heroes in Our Community

This event honors Historical figures in Colorado History past and present, through reenactment,  tribute, music, dance, fashion and poetry. We showcase the talents of many of our community members.  This donation-only event has averaged 15-20 participants from various ages starting at 4 years old to elderly adults. We honor members of the community that have impacted the community in Colorado presently with a plaque.

For press and general inquires, please contact us directly via the contact information below. Or complete our secure contact form.

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