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Who We Are 


About Us

DeAndre Smith is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of OneBodyEnt. and a life-long member of Colorado Springs' Southside Community. He was born and raised in the neighborhood affectionately known as "K-Land." He and his wife, Jennifer, established OneBodyEnt. and its purpose. The organization missions to serve youth and adults by helping to prevent criminal offenses and re-offenses. Through arts and entertainment, OneBodyEnt. provides positive outlets for community members to occupy their time and surround them with like-minded peers. 

Our Mission


One Body Ent missions to serve youth and adults by helping to prevent criminal offenses and re-offenses through community outreach, mentorship, performing arts, and entertainment. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Being The Change.

Establish and foster a robust model community in which members support, uplift, and encourage the collective's advancement and well-being. We aspire to build a richly resourceful network wherein members have access to enriching edutainment, life skills, and support programs to promote and sustain wholesome lifestyles for children and adults. 

Our Values

Safety. Sanity. Stability

Our core values are foremost centered on our devotion to our Christian faith and belief that serving God means to serve others. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards required for our charitable efforts and organizational decisions. We understand that our reputation is the ultimate asset, and these core values guide our behaviors, judgments and how we accomplish our mission.


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Phone: 719-502-7103


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